To me, photography has been an endless way to self-expression and the best way to gain awareness about main challenges and issues I have dealt with along my life. Actually, when I feel depressed, in the vertigo of a crisis, it is through the lens of my camera that I restore my inner balance.

Black and white allows me to show the essence of things, intensifying their intrinsic beauty through the magic of light. In fact, “light” has always been an obsession of mine, aesthetically and technically. Thus, mastering infrared light has been the key to approach my projects over the last 20 years.

Through my artwork, I have explored themes like love, death and nostalgia. Also, the countryside life and remote places where time has stopped and the essential things are a reflection of those daily decisions that address your own existential reality: to fight for life or let us die. As an immigrant, changes, longing, and cultural barriers, drives my artwork and aids me to overcome uprooting and yearning feelings of self-exile. Hence, Where The Sun Rises series is the outcome of that process to embrace my new home by the lakeshore west of Toronto. The place where I started my new dawn.


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