Dwellings are the result of several trips to the small town of Pedregal, situated in the State of Falcon at the foot of the Sierra de Coro, in the northwest of Venezuela.

In the beginning, I got impressed with the peculiarity of Pedregal, located 40 kilometres away from the nearest road, no running water, no jobs, and a population of little children and elderly. As evidence of the misery that defeated countryside villages with the arrival of petroleum fever. Pretty soon, this particularity would become in something more universal.

In a certain way, this series is a testimony of the rural life, about the essential things, where time has stopped, but chiefly, it is a reflection of those daily decisions that address our own existential reality: to fight for life or let us die.

It is not casual that people and things are shown continuously in tension, this is the centre of the battle between light and shadow.

… The dwelling is the inside. It is the place where the things are hidden, where we come from. The refuge where we come back, where we confront ourselves and look deep inside to be revealed about ourselves. Over there, where there is no other, I look… I keep looking for.

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