Children of the Sunrise

At the end of the ’80s, I met The Uros people, the pre-Incan town who live on self-fashioned floating islands on Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia. I thought I had found a timeless Paradise of indigenous people living in perfect harmony with their environment. These people have the strength to survive the Incan empire, more than 1000 years based on its immense capacity for

The Uros call themselves the children of the Sun and the guardian of the Lake Titicaca. They make their living from fishing and from the totora reed, which is plentiful along the edges of the lake, to build their homes, their furniture, their boats, and the islands they live on. In exchange, they take care of the water.

I returned 20 years and spent some time in Uros Q´hantati, the floating island of the family of Victor and Cristina Suaña Coila. Here some of my memories in photos. I used b&w infrared to try to catch when I first meet them.

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